5 Free Tools to Make Great Animation Videos For Your Kids

When teaching kids, nothing better than using videos to illustrate what you are talking about. Including them in the learning process is always a good thing since they incorporate visuals into their comprehension. This way, it becomes easier for them to understand and retain information.

Since the term school from home is obligated during the pandemic, many parents find it difficult to deliver what they are being taught at school to their kids. Thus, the family should have good access to technology in order to make this task easier for them.

Animation is one of the best ways to teach kids because it delivers information in an interactive way which keeps their attention all the time while the learning process takes place. This is why parents need to invest in video animation tools to help them do this job more efficiently.

Animation Videos For Your Kids
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Give your child the opportunity to create his own animation videos by investing in animation software that you can find online or even download for free if you don’t wish to spend big bucks buying them. There are several free tools that will help us make fun story animations for our students.

The following list includes some free options you can choose for your kids:

1. Pencil2D

This is a 2D Frame-by-Frame animation tool for sketching on the computer, developed using PyQt5. It has some features that make it a great choice as a base for creating story animations, such as onion skinning and multilayer image sequencing.

You can use Pencil2D to educate your kids on how to make animation videos easily. They will find it exciting to learn the school subject with you. 

2. Tupi

Tupi is a versatile application to create 2D animation for films, videos, school presentations, or games. Open Tupi and get started with the animation features of this tool right away. 

You can also record your voice while drawing on character sheets, manage scene animations (with up to 16 channels), cut out images using masks and remove background colors in order to create special effects in your work.

3. Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is a versatile 2D animation software tool, which Disney studios have used since the 1980s. Toon Boom offers different versions of its software with varying features. 

The Standard version includes drawing tools, and the Production version adds cut-out and rigging features. At the same time, the Essentials edition gives you just about everything else that you might need to complete an animation production for kids’ projects.

4. Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is an open-source application that creates 2D animations using vector graphics as its foundation. You can set up your own scenes using layers, create basic shapes (from lines to complex polygons) and trace bitmaps for use throughout your work.

5. OpenToonz

OpenToonz is another open-source animation software that specializes in 2D animation. The program has a number of features, such as frame-by-frame and cel (2D) animation, sketching functions, and support for paint packages like Photoshop. It also supports importing an extensive range of file formats, including PSD and TIFF.


Now, you don’t need to worry about teaching your kids about school subjects using animation, especially when you get various tools that can help them produce quality video content. The applications mentioned above will help your kids develop a keen interest in animation and keep themselves engrossed for hours.

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