Best Baby Backpack Carrier To Buy In 2021

Parents usually have all the necessary baby gear at their homes. Along with diaper bags, people who love hiking prefer a baby backpack carrier for carrying their children. Baby backpack carriers are not very common, but they can be beneficial at times of need. 

For traveling-obsessed parents, these carrier backpacks can be a great deal. Carrying the kids on their back is way more relaxing than holding them into your arms.

Best Baby Backpack carriers

We’ve compiled a list of some most reliable and popular baby backpack carriers for hikers and travelers:

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler

This baby backpack carrier by CleverPlus is portable and handy. It is composed of soft cotton material that keeps the children comfortable. The hiking baby carrier is light in weight yet it holds the baby of up to 33 pounds of a child. It can easily hold your kid for several hours without any damage to it.

The texture and materials of the backpack carrier are good enough to bear the raindrops. The water or raindrops does not damage the materials or condition of the backpack carrier. Even in snowfalls and rains, this baby carrier will keep shining and won’t destruct. 

The ClevrPlus backpack carrier for hiking has multiple changing positions. These positions are made to grow with your child. As your child grows, you can set the positions or size of the carrier according to your needs. 


  • Size – 10 x 30 x 16 inches 
  • Maximum weight recommendation – 33 Pounds
  • Material Type – Metal
  • Weight of the carrier – 5.5 pounds

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

The Luvdbaby backpack carrier for hiking or traveling carries your children for hours and does not even get damage. It is made up of soft material that keeps your children comfortable throughout your entire journey. Its strong side straps ensure the provision of proper safety and security to your children. This baby backpack will protect your back as well.

The backpack carrier is portable and spacious. It has a lot of pockets and spades to keep your and baby’s essentials in them. It also has a diaper bag so you won’t have to worry about changing your children’s diapers wherever you are. 

The backpack carrier has hoods and strong straps to keep your baby safe. They offer proper protection and security for the child. With this baby backpack carrier, you won’t need to worry about your child during hiking the trails or traveling to adventurous places. 


  • Maximum weight recommendation – 40 lbs
  • Material Type – Polyester and aluminum

Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

This backpack carrier by Chicco has 5 different harness positions. It grows with your child. You can set the backpack carrier in accordance with your child’s age and height. This helps parents to use this for a longer period of time. You won’t need to change it yearly. 

Moreover, the carrier has strong waist straps, shoulder straps, and a proper harness system. These systems in the carrier keep your child protected and offers safety and security for your child everywhere. It also has a built-in kickstand. Also, it has a sun canopy. You can use this sun canopy to protect your children, from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

The materials of the carrier are extremely soft and keep your baby and your back comfortable. The energy absorbent pads fitted in the carrier absorb the sweat to keep you relaxed throughout your journey. 


  • Size – 18 x 16.8 x 30.7 inches
  • Maximum weight recommendation – 40 Pounds
  • Material Type – Aluminum
  • Weight of the carrier – 6.5 pounds

Piggyback Rider Scout Child Toddler Carrier

With this Piggyback Rider Scout Child Toddler Carrier, you can carry your children in this for lots of time. The carrier has safety harness systems that ensure the provision of proper protection and security to your children throughout your hiking or traveling journey. The carrier is light in weight. You can carry it easily with you anywhere.

The carrier provides rest to your back. It is a great baby backpack carrier for dads as it transfers all the weight of the baby on your shoulders and gives your hands and body a sight of rest. It also has two handholds so you can keep your children’s hands in them for protection.

The material of this baby carrier is soft and safe. It does not have sharp edges to ensure your child’s skin doesn’t get hurt. You will also feel comfortable with having this on your back. 


  • Size – 18 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Maximum weight recommendation – 50 Pounds
  • Weight of the carrier – 1.5 pounds

ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack

The ClevrPlus Urban Explorer is composed of safe and comfortable materials to keep both the child and the parent relaxed and comforting. It is itself light in weight but is strong enough to hold the baby for hours without any hurdle. 

The carrier is extremely spacious. It offers a lot of pockets to keep your essentials in it. You can store extra things in it and prepare yourself before going on a long trip. It also has a diaper bag attached to it at the back. The sun canopy with this carrier offers protection from harmful sun rays. Thus, it is perfect for all types of weather because the canopy not only provides protection from the sun but also from snow falls.

Moreover, the backpack carrier has proper safety ensured system in it. You can carry your child in it without any tension. It has multiple changing positions. You can set the height of the carrier based on your child’s age and height. The safety policies of the carrier recommend it for children of up to 9-48 months.


  • Size – 17 x 15 x 26 inches
  • Maximum weight recommendation – 42 Pounds
  • Material Type – soft cotton
  • Weight of the carrier – 7.2 pounds

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