Buying Guide for Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

You’re here means you’re searching for a baby backpack diaper bag. Dealing with toddlers is not an easy job; it becomes a big challenge when you travel with the baby. To fulfill this, you must be well equipped and trained. Yes, I am right, a child must remember “Always prepare for the unprepared”. Keeping a baby backpack diaper bag with you will help to prevent the attack of pesky germs on your baby’s gentle skin. 

A backpack diaper bag can be a lifesaver and perhaps the most necessary gear that you need as a new parent.  You will need it when your baby is hungry or in a dirty diaper. 

What do you think? An ordinary bag is enough to carry out these tasks? No, not at all.  You need a proper baby backup bag that will support you through all displeasure tantrums. 

Going out for a day or night trip, you must have a baby backup bag because it’s convenient to hold all essentials that you and your baby need.  Finding the right diaper bag at the right price depends upon your preference and needs but you must keep a few things in mind before buying a baby backpack bag.

What To Look For In A Baby Backpack Diaper Bag?

1. Style of the Diaper Bag

Nowadays, everyone is crazy about styles. I am sure parents never give up on style just to think that it’s just a baby diaper bag to carry their everyday stuff. That’s the reason manufacturers make millions of styles for diaper bags. 

There are many styles available in the market just like striped, plaid, moiré, floral, solid, patchwork, geometric, and leather diaper bags. You can pick one according to your personality and preference.


Diaper bags for baby boys and girls are differentiated by their color and design. Baby girls have more cute and fancy diaper bags. You can even go ahead with a unisex baby backpack diaper bag, it will work on both girls and boys.  

Traditional VS Fancy Hybrid Bags:

In today’s world, nothing is complete without fashion. It’s everywhere from clothes to shoes, handbags to baby diaper bags. Trendy mothers choose stylish designs in diaper bags. 

Traditional diaper bags are specifically designed for their purpose. They have extra pockets, large enough to carry all baby items but not a fancy look. 

On the other side, stylish and traditional both have their pros and cons. If you can’t decide what to buy just figure out the most essential purpose of a diaper bag and go-ahead with the one.

2. Functionality

A backpack diaper bag is not only used to carry diapers, it is a multipurpose bag that holds every necessity which makes it more convenient and useful for moms. It is large enough to carry both baby and mother items.

Baby Space:

A good quality spacious diaper bag must have enough space to carry these baby essentials. 

  • Diapers
  • Baby clothes
  • Wipes
  • Blankets
  • 2 Bottles
  • Snack
  • Changing Pads
  • Toys
  • Hat
  • Burp Cloth
  • Bib
  • Pacifier

Mother Space:

Remember the Diaper bag is not only for the baby, it’s for you also. So, consider a bag that has Mommy’s pocket in it to carry the following stuff

  • Cell Phone
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip-gloss
  • Cosmetics
  • Keys
  • Toiletries

It’s not necessary to carry all these items each time, you need to change the stuff with time when the baby gets older. This is essential to not have space for everything but to prepare space for everything. 

Here I am sharing a practical tip with you. It’s very useful before buying a baby backpack diaper bag. You take the above items with you, put them in the bag, and see if everything is easily reachable and appropriate in the bag. Check if you can pick things from the bag with one hand because when you carry a tiny bundle of joy with you, you only have one free hand to grab things.

3. Easy to Carry Option

For multitasking parents, baby diaper bags play a vital role. These bags are an easy-to-carry option because your diaper bag is easy to carry with your baby. It allows you to easily move your hands for performing related tasks. 

Diaper bags usually have three kinds of carrying options. These options are described below:

Backpack Diaper bag:

It is your first when you need a diaper bag. It’s your lifesaver and game-changer gear… why? Let us explain why we have it at the top of the list. 

According to buyer’s reviews on different online platforms, most senior moms suggest one baby backpack diaper bag. They are designed to hold loads of baby items. Their plenty of pockets gives you the advantage to carry all baby stuff with you easily. Children are always curious. They love to try new things and the world has so much fun in it so it’s very hard for kids to stick with their mom or dads for a long time during the day. 

When they get a chance or see something catchy they run away from you. At that time you thank yourself for carrying a backpack diaper bag that calmly stays on your back having no chance of falling or getting important things damaged. 

The weight of the baby backpack is evenly distributed across your back whereas both of your hands would be free when you run to catch the baby. Another advantage is you can put your kid in a baby carrier in front of you, while the diaper bag hangs on the back, and still, you have both hands free for work. It is comfortable to carry for a long time. 

Shoulder Straps Diaper bag:

The shoulder straps diaper bags are easy to grab, made with soft durable material so you can easily carry them on your shoulder. They are large enough to hold essential baby stuff. 

One disadvantage is that it is a little difficult to carry it with the baby because you hold these bags with your hands.

Messenger Strap Diaper bag:

This bag comes with interesting features, a messenger strap allows you to wear the bag behind you, and with an easy pull, twist the bag around. They are light in weight, casual, and most important gender-neutral. 

Also, these bags are wide open so you can easily pull out diapers, bottles, or anything else. The disadvantage of this bag is that it continuously stresses your one shoulder which may lead to shoulder pain or back fatigue. It also causes irritation when one bends to pick up something. The bag is perfect for normal walks when you go out with your baby with his stroller. 

4. Comfort

This is the most important aspect that everyone must consider while buying baby diaper bags but is underrated also. The majority of the people neglect comfort over the style, design, and look of the bag. So be a smart buyer and evaluate the comfort level of baby diaper bags. 

When we talk about comfort, baby backpack diaper bags come on the top of the list. These two straps distribute weight equally on both shoulders and make it comfortable for you to carry it all day long. 

You just need to check the strap quality carefully. Wide straps with thick padded quality improve comfort immensely. The width and padding also prevent the strap from digging into your shoulder. With all these advantages you still need to control the weight of the diaper bag.

Fabric Material of Diaper bag:

Fabric is an extremely important part of your backpack diaper bag. Choose a material that is sturdy and easy to clean. The diaper bags that boast all organic or vegan material are also something you may wish to consider when anticipating material.

Cotton Fabric Diaper Bags:

Cotton canvas is a popular fabric that is used in the manufacturing of baby diaper bags. It’s lightweight, and hand washable material which is perfect for everyday use. Since cotton is a versatile fabric that’s why most cotton bags are prepared with other types of material such as nylon, and polyester, to increase their durability.

Vegan Leather Diaper Bags: 

Vegan leather is a fantastic material used in diaper bags, also an alternative to expensive genuine leather bags. It is lighter than the original leather bag but gives the same look and texture depending upon the quality. It is durable, wipe clean only which is very convenient. Despite all these advantages vegan leather bags required more care to prevent them from scratches and peeling off.

Original Leather Diaper Bags:

A real leather bag comes with expensive bags quality chosen by fashion-conscious, and trendy mothers. It’s very durable and looks beautiful to wear. Since it’s not waterproof, the polyester lining is used inside the lather bags. The lining makes it easy to wipe the interior and clean milk spills. 

Other Main Factors

There are some other key features of baby backpack diaper bags that need to keep in mind while buying these bags.

Machine Washable: 

A machine-washable diaper bag is a blessing for moms. Are you willing to wash a dirty diaper bag with your hands after a long day outing? I am sure you are not.

Insulated Pocket:

Some bags have an insulated pocket that is perfect for storing milk and cold items. This kind of bag saves you from bothering with an extra insulated box.

Stroller Attach clip:

A diaper bag with a stroller clip permits you to hang it on the stroller. It’s convenient because everything gets easier to reach and is light in weight.

Bag Stands:

The diaper bag with metal feet in the bottom prevents it from touching the ground. The feet also help to stand the bag alone and avoid it from flop over.

Eco Friendly:

Be conscious about whether your baby’s diaper bag is eco-friendly or not. The eco-friendly ability is good for your environment but also for you and your baby. No parents want a diaper bag made up of nasty chemical material.

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