Baby Bouncers And Jumpers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you looking for baby bouncers? If yes then you are in the right place. Every Mother adores their baby more than anything else. Their cute smile and innocent laughter melt everyone’s hearts. When you see your baby with his glowing face, involve in giggly activities. Your gladness can’t be imaginable.

It is impossible to stay in the house all day with the baby. Each one of us has got a lot of other work to do. Baby bouncers are your ideal companion and solution to your problems in such cases.

A baby bouncer is famous in the market with so many similar names like baby jumpers, doorway baby bouncers, or baby swings. New parents are often confused about baby bouncers and baby jumpers. So don’t make things hard.

Here are the fundamental differences between a baby bouncer and a baby jumper.

Baby Bouncer:

A baby bouncer is a static seat that sits low to the ground. It allows your baby to safely sit on the seat. Babies’ motion helps to create bouncy movement in them.

Baby Jumper:

Baby jumpers consist of two elastic straps usually suspended from a door or self-standing frame. In baby jumpers, your little one is in an upright position.


As it’s an important piece of baby gear, it continuously evolves day by day with new features and designs. Many types of baby bouncers are now available in the market. Few are as below:

1. Doorway Baby Bouncer:

A doorway baby bouncer is attached to the door frame through long elasticated strips. The baby sits on a seat and pushes himself with his feet to create bounces up and down. This bouncing sensation feels delightful for babies as well as entertaining to see also. Through the movement of their feet, they feel a kind of thrill and excitement in their body. You can feel it in your child’s face while they cheer and cuddle with a heart-melt smile.

2. Rocker Baby Bouncer:

It’s a perfect blend of baby bouncer and rocker. Bouncers are small in size and good for newborns. These types of bouncers easily convert into a rocker. It provides you variation in movement with stability. Bouncers have a light pattern of back and forth motion for infants. 

As your children grow, they require intense movement provided by a rocker. It’s good for you if you prefer long usage and a two-in-one baby bouncer.

3. Doorway Baby Jumper:

Doorway baby jumpers are commonly known as a baby door jumper and narrowly resembles a doorway baby bouncer with few exceptions. They consist of a seat that hangs with a door frame through elastic cable. 

4. Bouncer Swings:

Bouncer swing is a combination of bouncer and swings. This type of bouncer has a detachable bouncer seat. When the baby is able to sit by himself then you can attach the seat with a swing frame and convert it into bouncer swings for your toddler.

In recent days, the market is full of modern baby bouncers. It’s hard to choose the best baby bouncer for your bundle of joy. Whether you are a new parent, buying your first baby bouncer, or looking for a second one. We can help you to make your decision easy and you can spend your money intelligently.


Look for the following features in a baby bouncer or baby jumper before finalizing your buying decision.

  • Construction
  • Stability
  • Ease in use
  • Portability
  • Variety of vibration or swing speed
  • Operation
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortability
  • Toys
  • Music

The baby bouncer comes with three basic non-optional features and one optional. They are:

  • Safety
  • Frame
  • Seat
  • Entertainment ( Optional)

We will discuss all these features one by one to make things more clear for you.


Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. So, take a deep look at the bouncer from a safety perspective. 

Here are a few tips for you.

  • Baby bouncers must have restraint straps. If you don’t buy ones with these straps then the bouncer or jumper won’t be safe for your little one.
  • Restraining strap should be long-lasting, strong, and comfortable. If the straps are made with a low-quality material they can pinch, twist, and make your baby uncomfortable. 
  • Check the recommended weight of the baby bouncer. Higher weight capacity baby bouncers will prove better, not because they are made up of better material. But because they fulfill your baby’s growing needs. You can use them longer for your baby.


Metal Frame VS Plastic Frame:

  • Always choose a baby bouncer or doorway baby bouncer whose frame is made with metal. A metal frame is safer, hard, and lasts longer.
  • Avoid plastic frames even if they are made from the hardest plastic. It is unsafe for your baby. The hardest plastic has chances to break after repetitive usage.
  • The frame quality determines how many bounces it offers and how frequently it absorbs the vibrations.

Wide Base:

  • A good baby bouncer has a large width. The large and solid base gives it smooth stability.

3. SEAT:

The quality of the baby bouncer seat directly affects your child. It should be soft, comfortable. A low-quality seat causes rashes and irritation in your baby’s skin.

The seat material also has its importance. If it’s easy to clean and machine washable, it’ll help you a lot. Your baby gives you surprise anywhere anytime like leak diapers, spill milk. So with a good quality seat, it’d be easy for you to remove the seat and clean it.


Some Kids have ebullient nature. You can’t satisfy them by putting them in an ordinary baby bouncer or jumper. Some brands offer extra entertainment features in their bouncers.


The toy bar is an excellent addition that grasps your baby’s attention and delivers chromatic stimulation. Some Baby jumper/bouncer has permanently attached toy bar while others have removable. You can select according to your necessity.


The music system in bouncers or jumpers is usually offered by luxurious brands. They play melodious tunes, lullabies, nature sound, and popular kid’s songs. It makes the baby bouncer environment calm which leaves a pleasant effect on your baby’s mood.

If you choose a model with music and sound make sure it has a variety of sounds and tunes to keep your baby joyful.


If you finally decide to buy a bouncer, jumper, doorway bouncer, doorway jumper according to your need, give priority to safety and mobility. Color, size, seat functionality level of comfort comes after that. Baby bouncer approved from juvenile product manufacturing association (JPMA) gives you extra confidence on safety point of view.

Basic or Luxury:

A Basic or finest baby bouncer? What do you choose?  Ask yourself before buying. Some bouncer offers only up and down movement which is close to natural movement. Luxury bouncers provide swings, rock, and recline movement, may have light, music, cell phone charging facility.

Select according to your needs whether extra features important for you or not? Practically speaking luxury comes with a bigger price.


The size of a baby bouncer and the space of your home directly relate to each other. If you have a small living space the baby bouncer with flat-folding ability perfectly suits you. If space is not an issue for you choose all luxury bouncer that has rocking, swing, music and light facility in it.

Know your Baby First:

Some babies feel comfortable with a simple back and forth motion, others need energetic bounce to make them calmed. Know your baby’s nature by observation. It will help you to choose the right baby bouncer for your child.

Motor Power:

A bouncy movement of the seat due to the powerful motor fitted under the seat. It consumes a lot of batteries. Due to this, the bouncer remains uneconomical. So, carefully choose the bouncer or jumper which has a high-power motor.

Some bouncer has plugged in charging facility or charge with the cards which is a good factor to be considered. Some motors produced unpleasant sounds when they run if you’re sensitive to noise avoid those bouncers.


Kids grow very fast when baby outgrows their bouncer become small and useless. Some brands offer a bouncer that transforms into a safe, comfortable seat for toddler use.

Height and weight limit:

Carefully read the height and weight range before ordering a baby bouncer. Strick to the height and weight limitation and follow the instruction given on the product insert.

Easy to assemble:

Select a bouncer which is easy to assemble and dissemble. It gives you the liberty to take it in travel, or day out with your baby. In case you choose a complex jolly jumper/ bouncer properly fit it with the help of a diagram before use.

If you can’t assemble it yourself call the manufacture’s customer support for help. Don’t use it and put your baby in danger.

Strap Quality:

It’s matters because it holds your baby like your protected arms and directly interacts with baby skin. It should frim soft and good quality material. Baby bounce minimum has three-point harnesses but five points are preferable to assure safety and prevent the baby from falling out.  

Style and Design:

The baby bouncer comes in a variety of designs and colors. Choose your design and color wisely that match your home interior décor. Make sure your baby looks good in the bouncer. Select a color that is gender-neutral if you don’t know the baby’s gender when you buy it as a gift for someone.

Recline Option:

Newborn babies like full recline position while older prefer to sit up. Choose your bouncer that has multiple recline options.


An expensive brand of a bouncer doesn’t give you a guaranty that’s safe, comfortable, and completely meets your exceptions. Similarly, a cheap bouncer does not come with poor quality. Every brand has its pros and cons. Spend your money wisely on it.

The decision becomes easy when you exactly know what kind of bouncer you need and their average price in the market. Check for sales, discounted offers, and promotions before buying. It may increase your chance to buy a good baby bouncer at an affordable price.

Tummy Time:

There is no doubt baby bouncer is your great friend. Keep in mind they do not substitute your baby’s tummy time. Put your baby down on a blanket for a couple of minutes a day. It’s necessary for the growth and development of your kid’s muscles.


Choosing the best baby bouncer depends upon your preference. Keep it simple, comfortable, and match with the baby’s personality. Let your newborn enjoy the healthiest, safest, and best possible time in a baby bouncer. 

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