Guide For Best Video Baby Monitor Of 2021

When you decide to buy the best video baby monitor for your children, then the most essential thing you will go through is the selection process. It’s vital to know the pros and cons and other buying strategies when before you shop for a baby monitor. 

If you won’t know the core tips for choosing or selecting a perfect baby monitor for your children, then you might bring something that’s not worth the hype. 

We’ve shortlisted the main factors that one should know before buying a baby monitor. 

These questions will help you in deciding which is the best video baby monitor for children:

  • How many types of baby monitors are there?
  • What are the main features of a baby monitor?
  • What does an average baby monitor cost?
  • How to ensure the safety and privacy of baby monitors?

What To Consider While Buying The Best Video Baby Monitor


Types Of Baby Monitors

Knowing all the types of baby monitors before you bring them for your kids. Baby monitors are available in a wide range in today’s market. There are 5 fundamental types of baby monitors. 

  1. Audio baby monitors
  2. Movement detector baby monitors
  3. Video baby monitors
  4. Wi-fi baby monitors 
  5. Wireless baby monitors without receiver

What are the audio baby monitors?

best video baby monitor

Audio baby monitors are those monitors that can record the sound effects of the room. This permits you to listen to your children while they are sleeping, talking, or playing. If you are one of those for whom video isn’t that important then you should go for the audio baby monitors. 

What are the movement detector baby monitors?

There’s a wide variety of baby monitors available. Among this large variety, there are some baby monitors that are based on the movement of children. These types of baby monitors indicate you whenever your baby makes a movement for moving here and there from his place. They have extremely strong sensors fitted in them to provide you instant updates. 

What are the video baby monitors?

best video baby monitor

Video baby monitors are an advanced version of sound baby monitors. They allow you to see your children on the camera screen as well. With this baby monitor, you can not only see your babies but hear them as well. These video baby monitors are further divided into two more types. One is the baby monitor for two rooms split screen and the other is a single screen baby monitor. 

 What are the wi-fi baby monitors?

Wi-fi baby monitors are digital baby monitors that are sometimes also known as wireless baby monitors. You can access them with your home’s internet connection. These baby monitors provide complete safety and security. So you can use them without any tension of losing or getting your data hacked.

What are the wireless baby monitors without a receiver?

Wireless baby monitors without a receiver, are generally not very common, but they do exist. A normal baby monitor comes with two devices, one is the monitor that is kept in the children’s room and the other is the parent screen monitor (also known as a receiver) where you can see your baby. A wireless baby monitor is a type in which you won’t be provided with the parent screen. You will have to install an application on your mobile phone to monitor your kids. 

Features Of An All-In-One Video Baby Monitor

As far as the features of baby monitors are concerned, there’s a long list for them. But we’ve compiled a list of some major features that you should look for in the best video baby monitors. 

  1. Digital zoom
  2. Manually adjustable camera
  3. Two way balk communication
  4. Alarming function
  5. Temperature indicator

Digital Zoom:

Digital zoom is a feature that will benefit you in viewing your child from different views. You can zoom in and out with this function. It will help you in having a clear view of hows your baby doing in his room. 

Manually Adjustable Camera:

Baby monitors that have a manually adjustable camera are a must-have. This function helps in viewing the complete room from different positions. You can adjust the baby monitor as per your wish and monitor every part of your children’s room. You can tilt it, rotate it upward and downward, and can focus it in a straight direction aswell. 

Two way back communication:

With this innovative two-way back communication function, you can talk with your children by sitting in your own room. This allows you to reply back to your kids if you want to convey any message. You’ll find this function in most of the latest and best video baby monitors out there in the current market. 

Alarming function:

The alarming function in baby monitors is basically used as an indicator. This allows you to set feeding alarms. Whenever the baby will make a movement, the alarming sensor will indicate to you about it. 

Temperature indicator:

The temperature indicator in a baby monitor helps in determining the temperature of the children’s room. With this function, you can also monitor and control if the temperature exceeds its normal limit. 

The Average Cost Of A Perfect Video Baby Monitor

As we all know that video baby monitors are different in their features, similarly they differ in the price range as well. 

As many features as the baby monitor will have, it will be more expensive. There some very low budgeted baby monitors but they have very few features. The many monitors that range above 200$ have exceptional functions that benefit the users in unlimited ways. 

Baby monitors can cost as low as $15 and can be as expensive as $400.

As per our recommendation, you’ll easily get an all in one or standard baby monitor within the price range of $80-$200. At least you need to have a budget of around $80 to $90 if you want to grab a baby monitor that comprises all the features and qualities mentioned above in this article. 

Safety and Privacy Of A Video Baby Monitor

Some of you think that our data including baby videos and audios might get hacked or can be viewed somewhere else as well. But this ain’t true. There are video baby monitors available in today’s market that offer proper safety and privacy for your data. 

Buy the best video baby monitors that have this safety function in them. Make sure to check and confirm that your child’s data won’t be displayed anywhere else on the internet.

Safety and security of your personal data of course come above all. Always go for the properly verified baby monitors in case of data privacy. 

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