First Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Baby Boys and Girls

First birthdays are special – and the happiest time for parents. It is like a milestone, where your little one is officially one. During this time, most parents want to capture special memories and make the occasion extraordinary.

First Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Baby Boys and Girls

However, when it comes to giving a memorable gift to a baby boy or girl, most parents get confused. Ideally, it’s best to gift – something that will be treasured for life – and what is more special than jewelry.

Gifting jewelry to a baby boy or girl will give a sense of belonging. Plus, you can make it more special for the little one with customized options available. Listed are some first birthday jewelry gift options for baby boys and girls.

1. Butterfly earrings

Kids love concept-based jewelry. They get attracted to jewelry pieces with special motives.

  • There are many animal design concepts and styles available in kid’s jewelry, but nothing beats the butterfly style.
  • A butterfly design earrings for your baby girl is an ideal gift you can think of. The radiant colors and wonderful patterns make it more attractive.

Plus, your little one will look adorable with a pair of earrings. The best part is – you can customize the earrings according to color and choice. Choose an earring style set in 14K & 18K gold for comfort.

2. Customized name pendants

If you want to make it more memorable, choose a customized name pendant. It is the best gift you can think of when your baby turns one. The customized pendants are available with Nazaria charms and dainty chains.

  • Online jewelry stores give you the option of writing the names in cursive or plain. And when it comes to gold jewelry, name pendants are a popular choice.
  • Besides adding the name of the pendant, you can also choose the initials. And, initials can look good with Nazaria charms or any other option like crown or car to make it look super stylish.

3. Shirt buttons

Add an attractive twist to your little one’s shirt or kurta. Buttons look super cute – and when you choose designer ones – they can enhance the look of the shirt. Also, you can use buttons for traditional outfits – and make your little one look super cute.

  • For example, you can use animal concept buttons on traditional kurtas for special occasions.
  • Besides the animal concept, there are different themes you can choose from – transport, sea, or flowers.
  • Additionally, buttons can be paired with gold chains you buy for your little ones, so it’s the best option.

4. Queen earrings

There are many styles available for little girls. If you are buying it for your baby’s 1st birthday  – it is best to choose queen earrings. A baby girl is a princess in the eyes of her parents. And the earrings will make her look like a princess.

  • Plus, these earring styles are also ideal for daily wear, as they come in small sizes. However, it is essential to choose earrings set in pure gold to make your little one feel comfortable.

Any other metal can cause discomfort for young girls. You can choose earring styles with American diamond options for your baby’s first birthday.

5. Engraved bracelets

Another popular option you can consider is – bracelets.

  • Gold bracelets look amazing on little ones – and you can get a name imprinted on them.
  • Customized gold bracelets are an ideal choice for first birthdays. Plus, you get the option of initials in bracelets, which looks good.
  • They are durable and light in weight – so your little one won’t feel discomfort while wearing them.

If you don’t want to engrave your baby’s name, choose some fun elements for the bracelet. A flower design concept or an animal concept in gold bracelets is an ideal choice.

6. Nazaria bracelets or evil eye bracelets

Evil eye bracelets for small babies are the best gift option. Most parents buy Nazaria bracelets or evil eye bracelets to prevent the baby from bad omen. Plus, it also makes sure your baby remains healthy.

  • Nazaria or evil eye bracelets are long-lasting and durable – and therefore, it’s the most preferred gift option.
  • Also, you can get customized versions in the bracelets. With different colors and designs, it will surely charm your little one.

7. Themed brooches

Brooches look uber cute on baby dresses. A brooch with a customized design enhances the look of the dress. Themed brooches are quite a trend this season – so you can buy them as a gift option for your little one.

  • A shining sun brooch on your baby boy’s shirt or sparkling star on your baby girl’s frock will look wonderful for a party occasion.
  • Besides, customized brooches represent parents’ immense love for their little ones.
  • Themed brooches can be a memory you can preserve forever. Get inspired and buy a lovely brooch for your baby.

Wrapping up!

The first birthday is an occasion – when you buy that first special gift for your little one. Gold jewelry is precious, as it is your way of showing that you love your baby.

Besides, there are so many designs and options available in jewelry – that you will be spoilt for choice. As a baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, gold is an ideal metal that provides complete safety and comfort.

Do check for carat and certification – while buying gold jewelry for your baby. Make your baby’s birthday a special one this year.

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