Skateboard for 5 Year Old | A Complete Guide to Skateboarding

With time skateboarding is becoming more common among kids. To choose the right skateboard for 5 year old, read this article.

Kids in the previous era do not have a lot of interest in skateboarding and similar challenging tasks. But children of today’s era are more into challenging tasks. Among these challenging tasks skateboarding is one of the most desirable practices of children. 

You can choose your child’s favorite ice skate for a 5-6 year aged child. You must consider a number of factors to buy skateboards for your kids. Read this article to know the benefits of skateboarding and the best types for your 5 year old. 

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What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an actionable and robust sport. Youngsters enjoy skateboarding more as compared to elderly aged people. It is a game of riding a board with disparate skating tricks and techniques. 

Skateboarding is a game of pros and professionals. If you’re one of those parents who fancy skateboarding. Then it is a must that your children would also have the enthusiasm of skateboarding.

Thus, it’s better to train your children of skateboarding from the beginning of their lives. Once you’ll teach your kids the tactics of skateboarding from their childhood, they will not face any troubles or hurdles in their skateboarding journey. Instead, they will be happy and cherish the fact that they know skateboarding. 

Clarie Miller in NPR.ORG stated that skateboarding s going to run the world in future. It is going to overtake all other Olympics sports. With the rapid innovation of media through TikTok, skateboarding is becoming famous in the entire world. Youth is crazy about skateboarding on TikTok. Therefore, she thinks it can be one of those sports that will run the world. 

PRO TIP: Teach your kid skating lessons from a young age, so he/she can enjoy the beauty of life in air.

 What are the Benefits of Skateboarding?

Skateboarding influence the human body in a positive way. It helps children in learning preservation and patience. With daily skating lessons and practice, your children will know the technique of staying persistent in their goals. Skateboarding also maintains the overall figure of the body. 

There are the 5 most important benefits of skateboarding. They are:

  1. Full body workout 
  2. The art of coordination and cooperation
  3. Mood Balancing
  4. Staying persistent and patient
  5. A start to personal development

Let’s dig deeper into each of these benefits.

1. Full body workout

Skateboarding is a great opportunity for a full-body workout for your kids at a young age. If your children ages between 5-8 years, then a dynamic solution to keep them healthy and fit is skateboarding. At a young age, kids can’t go to the gym or do daily exercise. That’s not even best suitable for them. 

So a perfect yet better replacement for heavy exercises for children is skateboarding. With skateboarding, kids remain fit, healthy and energetic throughout the day.

2. The art of coordination and cooperation

It’s possible that a child can do skateboarding alone but doing it with friends will be way more fun. While skateboarding with friends and fellows, your children will learn the art of coordination. 

It’s good and beneficial that this can be a great source to teach coordination and cooperation to your children. If you fancy coordination, then teach this to your child as well because coordination is also the key to success. Whereas, with skateboarding, you can teach skateboarding or give skateboarding lessons in a more practical and fun style. 

3. Mood Balancing

If your children are sad and angry, a great treat to make them happy is skateboarding. Take them out for skateboarding with you. It will not only make them happy but excite them as well. 

At the age of 5 years, children’s anger is usually for a little period. All their anger and sadness will vanish in the blink of an eye once you will take them to skateboarding. 

4. Staying persistent and patient

Patience and persistence is the key to learning skateboarding in less time with more excellence. With skateboarding, children will know the patience to excel at their skills. Teach them slowly, so they can pick the tips and techniques gradually with time.

This lesson will not only be helpful for your kids in skateboarding but will also help them throughout their entire life. So, it might be the right sport to teach to your kids in their preschool and school age. 

5. A start to personal development

Personal development is what everyone desires as soon as we grow up. Skateboarding can be one of those great ways that will open up wide paths to personal development. It is a wild and independent feeling. Let your children experience this from an early age. 

It might be awkward to not have a personalized character as we grow up. So, nourish your children in a way that they learn and practice skateboarding from the beginning of their lives. This will result in a strong and independent character which everyone will appreciate in the future. 

How to keep children safe and protected while skateboarding?

The first and foremost thing that comes above all is the safety and security of your child. Skateboarding is a wild and free sport where kids enjoy their life to the fullest. As they are young, it’s important to make sure they are safe and secure from any harm. 

We’ve prepared a complete skateboarding safety checklist for you. Make sure your kid is properly equipped in the following things:

  • Figure skating jacket – it’s important that you make your child wear a figure skating jacket so their body can be safe even if they fall. 
  • Multisport helmet – put a multi-sport helmet on the kid’s head to ensure the safety of his head.
  • Wrist Guards – wrist guards are important when it comes to hand safety. Wearing wrist guards will protect the hands of a baby from getting his/her hands hurt.
  • Knee and elbow pads – Pads are a must-have too for children. While skating, if your child falls, these pads will prevent getting their joints hurt.
  • Toes or closed shoes – For the safety of feet, closed shoes or toes should be necessary. 

Follow these tips to keep your children safe while skateboarding:

  • Always equip them with the above-provided materials. Please don’t forget or skip any of them. All of them are essential to the children’s safety and security.
  • Never leave your children alone while skateboarding. Stay with them to keep an eye on them for extra safety.
  • Check the skateboard before handing over it to your kids. Inspect it to ensure its safety. 
  • Choose a safe and secure skateboard to ensure your kid’s protection.
  • Follow the skatepark rules if you’re teaching your kids skateboarding in the parks. 

How should you teach skateboarding to your 5 year old?

Teaching the right skateboarding tactics to your children is important. Make sure you share these tips with them. 

Bend the knees – Guide your kids to bend their knees in a proper way. Once they will give a low stance in the knees, they will get a grip of their balance. 

Practice the skills – Go for a walk with your kids daily and help them to practice their skateboarding skills. The more they will be determined, the easier it will be for the children to take a quick grasp of skateboarding.

Be prepared for the ups and downs – Safety is important, but make your child rough and tough. Prepare them for any ups and downs in their practice. Let them bear tiny hurts and pains from the beginning of their life. This will help in building a better and stronger character in the future. Don’t rush towards them crying if they fall or get hurt. Instead, give them a hand, pick them up and motivate them to do more!

Stay Confident – Confidence is the key to grasping skills in a short time. Tell your kids not to worry or care about how you look or how the world is reacting to your practice skills. Stay confident about how you feel. This lesson will help your kids in doing what they want to do instead of doing what the world wants them to do. 

Use the Skateboard Appropriately – The last yet most important thing is to handle the skateboard in an appropriate way. This is an important thing to teach your kids while you walk them through the entire process. Once the children will know the right style of handling and riding the skateboard, they will not face any hurdles throughout their life.

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Skateboarding is loved by almost every native, so teaching it to your children is great. Make sure to follow all the guidelines and safety rules while teaching skateboarding to your 5 year old kids. We’ve mentioned some of the most reliable and best skateboards for 5 year old boys and girls in this article. Stay connected to learn more!

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