What Kind Of Stroller Should I Get For My Toddlers?

Making the right decisions for babies has always been a difficult task for parents. Similarly, if you have a naughty young toddler, then you would be wondering, “what kind of stroller should I get for my babies?”

It’s true life with babies and traveling with your kids have the next level of joy and happiness but it’s not as peaceful as it seems. You travel within the state or even outside the state with your kids. You need to take care of your baby’s essentials including their traveling devices, baby clothes, baby health care products, and others.

After a lot of research, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of strollers for you. The types of strollers vary from their purpose of use. 

How Many Kinds Of Strollers Are There?

In general, there are six main types of strollers, namely;

  1. Standard size stroller
  2. Double stroller
  3. Traveling stroller
  4. Bassinet Convertible Stroller
  5. Umbrella stroller
  6. Jogging stroller

Add these names at the top of your “What kind of stroller should I get?” list. These strollers are invented on the desirable requests of parents. Every stroller is best known for its specific purpose. Some of them are even car seat compatible.

This list of seven strollers will help you in choosing the right kind of stroller for your toddler. 

Standard Size Stroller

As shown from the name a standard-size stroller is a full-size stroller. It is best if you’re looking for a stroller that can carry your growing infant regardless of his size and weight. This stroller serves as an all in one masterpiece stroller. It can be used for many purposes as per your wish. If you want to go for a masterpiece stroller then you must go ahead with the standard size stroller. 

There are many disparate types of branded strollers available in today’s market. You should choose this standard size stroller based on its quality and accessories. 

Each one of us knows all that glitters is not gold. There are both advantages and disadvantages of a standard size stroller. So before bringing t into your home, consider doing in-depth research on its features and quality. 

Standard Size
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  • It can grow with your growing baby.
  • A car seat can be attached.
  • The material of the stroller can keep your baby comfortable.
  • It has a lot of space to carry the baby essentials in it.
  • It contains a cup holder and snack tray.
  • The stroller is not so light in weight. It is bulky and can be difficult to carry everywhere. If you’re looking for a lightweight stroller then you may head over to our “Umbrella Stroller”.

Double Stroller

If you’re a parent to two little twins then buying a double stroller should be your top most priority. Now why we’re saying that this is the best stroller for your twins? We’re saying this because it has two seating system for the babies. 

If you’ve twins or one of your babies is an infant and the other is a toddler then it can also be of great use for you. 

There are two types of double strollers available. One has the seats arranged side by side to each other. The other type has two seats placed in front of each other. You can see which type of pushchair carriage best fits your needs and buy it. 

As we’ve mentioned before there are both pros and cons to every product in this world. So below are the pros and cons of the double stroller. 

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  • It has a lot of space and two babies can be seated in it.
  • The stroller is easy to assemble.
  • It can be managed easily without creating a lot of mess.
  • As the stroller is double-seated, so it is quite heavy to ride.

Traveling Stroller

This traveling stroller is specifically designed for those parents who love to go on long walks with their infants and toddlers. It comes with an infant car seat attached to the stroller. The stroller is generally comfortable and has multiple reclining positions so the baby can enjoy the view of everything. 

The most amazing feature of this stroller is that you don’t have to disturb your baby from his sleep to put him in the stroller from the car. Because traveling stroller has a car seat attaching system in it. This means you can take your baby out of the car and place him in the stroller without causing any disturbance. 

If you are one of those who fancy traveling then this traveling stroller is designed for your baby. Enjoy your long walks with your kids with the ease of this traveling stroller.

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  • Unlike the other strollers, it is specifically designed for traveling
  • It has a wide canopy where you can place your important things.
  • It is a car seat compatible stroller

    Bassinet Convertible Stroller

    Going through different types of strollers in our article, you might wonder is there any stroller whose seat can be converted into a bassinet? Then yes you’re right. This is that stroller. The bassinet convertible stroller, also known as a combo stroller has a feasible option of converting its seat into a bassinet.

    Now, this type of stroller is best for newborns. You can easily lay your newborn baby in the bassinet seat. It’s the most comfortable stroller that can be used for newborns or very young infants. 

    You should choose these bassinet convertible strollers based on their quality. Ensuring their safety and security is important because you want to give your newborn a safe and protective ride. Make sure to look at the guide for choosing strollers. It will help you in making the right decision. 

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    • The bassinet convertible stroller is easy to customize and assemble.
    • The stroller is not too heavy to carry
    • The child can be seated in the forward-facing position.
    • This stroller can cost you a little more dollars than others.

    Umbrella Stroller

    An umbrella stroller is also known as lightweight strollers in some cases. This type of stroller is mainly used for traveling purposes. It’s light in weight and has curved handles just like an umbrella. This is easy to handle and ride. 

    It has a comfortable seating system to keep your toddler relaxed. It has a large canopy which prevents the direct interaction of the VA and UB rays of sunlight with your baby’s skin. 

    If you’re in search of a budget-friendly stroller then, this should be on top of your “must haves” list. 

    What Kind Of Stroller Should I Get?
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    • It is not as expensive as others.
    • It has a large basket at the bottom for keeping things in.
    • Its sun canopy gives sun protection to the baby.
    • This is the most light in weight stroller.

      Jogging Stroller

      As presented by the name, the jogging stroller is used for jogging purposes. If you’re one of those parents who love to practice jogging and running, then this stroller should be your must-have. 

      The specialty of this stroller is that you can run and jog along with the stroller. Your baby can sit calmly in the stroller while you take it along on the running track. This is a great way to show the world to your child as he can take a quick glance at every beautiful sight that comes across your way.  

      These strollers are available in several colors and sizes. It’s up to you to pick the one that you like. But these strollers are not designed for newborns or infants. They work for toddlers. So make sure to analyze the market before bringing one into your house.  

      What Kind Of Stroller Should I Get?
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      • It’s rich in quality purposes, all you gotta do is a little research.
      • The stroller comes with different reclining positions.
      • It has large seats so the baby can be seated comfortably.
      • You can place your jogging essentials in the large basket available at its bottom.

        This was our overall overview of the different types of stroller. This article was the answer to your “what kind of stroller should I get for my baby?” question. We hope this has cleared any of your confusion related to the strollers and their types. For more information about strollers, make sure to check out our strollers category. 

        The three most important things you should consider while choosing any stroller from the different types of strollers are its safety, security, and quality. 

        We wish you good luck in making the right decision in choosing the stroller for your baby after reading our article on “what kind of stroller should I get for my baby?”  

        Happy shopping parents!

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